Blog Post number 1

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This is a post to tell of my new web pages. After many years of using various CMS, I’m trying the semi-static route instead.

CMS vs static pages

  • Pro of CMS:
    • all integrated
    • edit and publish
    • sophisticated and stylish, most of the time
  • Cons of CMS:
    • needs lots of resources
    • slow to edit (depends on trafic)
    • tyranny of choice and Not Invented Here syndrome.
    • no versioning


  • Pros of static pages
    • Lightweight
    • Simple
    • More freedom
  • Cons of static pages
    • Usually unsophisticated (too much work !)
    • What if your template is on another computer ?
    • Can be a mess.
    • no versioning.

Not an easy choice !

Enters Github pages

Github pages are pretty good:

  • They can be edited online or on your computer, your choice !
  • They are versioned
  • They are not pure HTML: Jekyll and markdown instead

They offer a good compromise.

Please tell me what you think.