About Hugues Talbot

Teacher and researcher


Currently I’m a professor of AI and Computer Vision at CentraleSupélec. Computer vision is a very wide area. These days I mostly teach applied mathematics subjects such as Mathematical Optimisation as well as image and computer-vision related fields. In the past I have taught more traditionally computer-related topics such as computer languages and operating systems. You can learn about my teaching in the teaching tab above.


Scientific Research is incredibly important. To me as a person, because this is what I’ve always dreamt of doing, and, I believe, to society because this activity allows us to understand the world around us: how it came about, what are its constituant, and how it works. My area of research is computer vision: teaching the computers to see. This area of research is at the forefront of many disciplines, like biology, physics, medicine, computer science, and of course mathematics. Currently it is very “hot” because much progress that has been realized over the last few decades has recently come to fruition, particularly in machine learning. You can learn more about my research in the research tab above.


Here is a calendar of my activities, if you want to contact me at an opportune time