In this section I shall post some interesting links to a few past and present projects I have been involved with

Recent projects

  • The ANR Vivabrain project. The RORPO operator was a useful contribution from this project.

These videos show the results of this operator for detecting blood vessels in the brain and in the heart:

  • The ANR GraphSIP project . This stands for Graph Signal Processing. The objective of this project is to develop signal processing on graphs, particularly in large datasets.

A complex graph derived from neural data

  • The ANR CoMeDIC project. This stands for Converging Metrics in Discrete Calculus

  • The ERC ITN SUNDIAL project. This project involves AI, big data and astronomy ! The objective of this project is to bring automation to many processes in the science of astronomy, particularly for discovering very low surface brightness objects. This has implications for dark matter theories.

An image of a very low surface brighness galaxy with unusual dark matter content

This beautiful image is of a very low surface brightness galaxy. It was thought to have an unusually low Dark Matter content, although our project helped establish that it may actually be fairly normal. The inset is from the Hubble space telescope.


I’m constantly writing some software, here are some repository for general use for software I’ve been involved with.

  • The Imview image viewer written in C++. This is a scientific viewer for Windows, Linux and MacOS. I wrote this essentially between 1997 and 2014, It is part of the Debian project.

  • The PINK image processing library. See also this link: Pink documentation.

This C/C++ library includes many algorithms in digital geometry, digital topology and mathematical morphology.

  • The DGTAL library, a powerful digital geometry library. This library in C++

Mean curvature on the "dragon" shape

Student projects

Coming soon !